Lewes Liberal Democrats have been making the case for Britain to stay in Europe. 


Remaining in Europe safeguards millions of UK jobs

Three million UK jobs are linked to trade with Europe. That’s one in every ten UK jobs. 200,000 UK businesses trade with Europe.

Lower prices

Families save an average of £450 a year because the UK is in Europe.
We get a better deal on everything from food to flights by negotiating as part of Europe - strength in numbers.

Fighting crime - and a peaceful Europe

7,000 criminals have been deported from the UK to face justice at home thanks to the European Arrest Warrant.
And working with our European neighbours has led to decades of peace after the bloodshed of WW2.

Lib Dem District Councillor Will Elliott added: “We are safer here in Lewes because we are in Europe. It means our police can access intelligence from across the continent.

“And the European Arrest Warrant ensures criminals have nowhere to hide. Thousands have been sent home to face justice. UK criminals that have tried to flee abroad have been brought back to face the courts. If we leave Europe, we make life easier for criminals.”

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