3 steps to beating the climate crisis

Our reliance on fossil fuels puts our children in danger and gives power to despots across the globe. Ed Davey outlines an emergency plan to beat the climate crisis.
Whether it’s young people taking time off school or the Commons’ naked protestors: they are right. We face a climate crisis.
This is the Liberal Democrats' three part emergency plan:
  • UK-wide action to green ourselves.
  • Action to decarbonise capitalism – starting with the City of London.
  • And an international green new deal – where richer countries support poorer countries. 
Starting with the UK - Lib Dems have shown we can decarbonise and prosper. Thanks to achievements in Government on renewable energy and what many Lib Dem-led councils have done in their communities, the benefits of climate change action are proven. In government, LibDem Ministers nearly quadrupled Britain's output of renewable energy.
Read more here: Climate Crisis Three Steps. And sign up  to make the fight against climate change a priority.

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