Norman calls for the voice of the villages to be heard in A27 plan


Local Lib Dem MP Norman Baker is calling a meeting of the parishes affected by the A27 proposals to take sounding’s and ensure their views are given proper weight by the government.

Local parish representatives, whose parishes would be directly affected by changes to the A27, will meet in Selmeston to discuss the latest position.

Many of the parishes have voiced concerns at some proposals for the A27 and yet have been left feeling unheard by the decision makers in this process.

Norman says “Following this week’s Autumn Statement that provisionally allocated a maximum of £75m for works to and associated with the A27 corridor between Polegate and Lewes, I am keen to reconvene the parishes’ meeting which originally earlier this year in order to discuss the latest position.

 “I am determined that any monies spent take full account of the views of the parishes along the road, which to my mind are far more relevant than the rather self-serving statements being made by those who do not live in the area, from Eastbourne, Brighton and elsewhere.

 “Conservatives from outside the area are treating the villages like some sort of colonial procession whose view can be safely ignored. However I am determined that their voices be properly heard.

 “If we are able to come to a common view that will help enormously in arguing for an appropriate allocation of funds and will help me when I present the findings to the Transport Secretary.

 “Our villages must come first in this process”.


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