A message from Paula


A message from Paula Woolven, our LibDem candidate for Peacehaven Town Council, August 2nd.

To any friends who live in PEACEHAVEN EAST ward, or have friends who do. As you can see, I have stepped forward and put my name down for the by-election scheduled for August 2nd (next Thursday). As independent candidates are rarely successful, I chose to represent a political party that I feel has less extremes than the others - I believe those fanatically opposed to listening to any view other than their own (and these are the extremes) block cross-party working for the benefit of the people you are supposed to represent. At Town Council level of local authority, politics shouldn't even come into it. But it does. And that's what we have to work within.

I have achieved community success working with people of all political persuasions and I think communication is key.

None of the candidates can promise enormous strides forward for the time that is left in the four year representation period - we would only be Councillors until May 2019 - but I could promise to put forward the questions I, and others, have - and those questions, or actions, have to carry on into the next administration (whether I would be on it or not) until they reach the conclusion.

Why stand for Peacehaven East? As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Arundel Road. I would climb their back fence and play in the farmer's fields where a housing estate now lies. My parents-in-law live on the west side of the ward, and have for over thirty years. I have supported a friend who was subject to a terrible arson attack there last year. I am concerned - as is EVERYONE in the Havens - about the inevitable gridlock that is going to happen along the A259 and the lack of public services, ever decreasing, to meet an increasing population. I know the area very well and Town Councillors are elected to represent the whole town, with special interest in one area. I have that interest, those memories and even a bit of hope remaining for the future.

I am working as a charity consultant, for free, with Kempton House (Age Concern, Peacehaven and Telscombe) to help fundraise, update the governance and improve the facilities for the current beneficiaries and offer new opportunities to the community, where public spaces and buildings are dwindling.

I volunteer and work for the amazing CTLA Community Transport and the Barn Theatre, amongst other local charities, so my appreciation for the Havens and the wonderful area we live in is evident. Yes, there are a lot of things wrong - but only by working to put them right and improve them, can we hold on to hope. I don't have all the answers. If anyone did, we'd be in a stronger position in our communities now - but I hope my track record of community work would make me a candidate people would consider to represent their interests and try, at least try, to make a difference.

I hope that explains a little about why I put my name forward and I hope anyone with a voting card in East Ward would consider me on August 2nd. I'm happy to get PMs on Facebook from anyone if you have any other questions. Thank you.

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