Adult social care cuts could cost lives

The loss of life among pensioners is being linked directly to government cuts to social care by the National Pensioners Convention, as East Sussex County Council announce stinging cuts to Adult Social Care locally.


The National Pensioners Convention refers to the study undertaken by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine which claimed the only explanation for a huge rise in deaths, a 30,000 jump in 2015, was down to swingeing cuts to social care and the NHS.


At the same time as raising Council tax by 1.99% to apparently cover social care costs, East Sussex County Council are making $3.8 million pounds worth of cuts to Adult Social Care over 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor Carolyn Lambert condemned the cuts, saying;


There are genuine concerns being raised by residents as well as by associations that the cuts to Adult Social Care in East Sussex are unsustainable.

With an aging population in East Sussex, we must make sure we have the finances to supply the care that is needed.

Short cuts in social care result in harm, suffering and even death, as indicated by the National Pensioners Convention.”

The proposed cuts hit the most vulnerable in our community, those who cannot fight for themselves, these are the people who the Liberal Democrats are standing up for”.


Kelly-Marie Blundell, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, condemned the cuts, saying;

The Conservative government is starving our councils of the money desperately needed to support older people across East Sussex.

We need investment in to our social care systems as a matter of urgency. Demand is already outstretching supply, and it will be the people who suffer.”


The Liberal Democrat Group, who are the official opposition to the Conservatives on East Sussex County Council, did submit an amendment to the budget which aimed to reduce the most damaging cuts in service to Adult Social Care and Children’s Services.


The amendment was defeated 25 votes to 16, due to UKIP Councillors backing the Conservatives in making the cuts.


Kelly-Marie Blundell, who used to be a trustee for Sheltered Housing UK supporting pensioners across the country, added;

These cuts are going to hit the most vulnerable in our community, those who cannot fight for themselves.


The Government is complicit in forcing these cuts on to our councils. We must stand up for the most vulnerable and see investment in social care, before lives are lost as a result.”

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