Lib Dems call for Maria Caulfield to resign for posting misinformation on social media

On the morning of Thursday 14 May Maria Caulfield MP shared a post on her twitter account showing an apparent video of an interview with new Labour Leader Keir Starmer. Within hours this video was shown to be deliberately edited to give the appearance of almost the opposite point of view from the one that was actually presented in the full video and may be libellous.

oli.jpgThe Lewes Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson, Oli Henman said:

“Maria Caulfield has shown a very serious error in judgment here, this video was heavily edited to paint a misleading picture of the views of the Leader of the Opposition and undermines trust in politics as a whole. At a time of national emergency, when the country should be coming together to support the whole community, it is shocking to see our MP engaged in political point scoring of the most cynical kind.

Unfortunately this behaviour seems to be part of a pattern of half-truths and downright misinformation from this government. Ms Caulfield herself has previously suspended her social media account during the General Election and has blocked opposition party representatives from asking her tough questions on social media, now more than ever we need representatives who tell the truth. Maria Caulfield must resign.”

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