Churchill Homes Proposal Unsuitable For Seaford

Liberal Democrat councillors in Seaford are dismayed at Churchill Homes proposal for another 35 homes for older people in the town:

Councillor Christine Brett says: “The site that Churchill Homes are proposing to use was not identified in the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan for housing nor was it sent in to Lewes District Council as part of the call for sites to help prepare the next Local Plan. This is an opportunistic and cynical move on the part of a developer.

"Seaford has seen no benefit from the Hortsley or McCarthy Stone developments which have provided nothing towards the infrastructure of the town but on the contrary have put increased pressure on our hard-pressed medical services”.

Cllr Stephen Gauntlett adds: “The town is over-provided for in terms of accommodation for older people with places in the newest Hortsley development remaining unsold. We need affordable accommodation for families and young people who are struggling to find somewhere to rent in the town, let alone somewhere to buy”.

CL_Building_spree_600.jpgCllr Carolyn Lambert says: “This is a further example of the way in which Conservative government planning legislation is allowing our towns to be over-run with developments that are not needed, leaving local authorities with no power to demand improvements in the infrastructure. Our schools are full and our medical services, water and sewerage are at capacity. There is plenty of accommodation in Seaford for older people without losing more green space.

"I have already brought a Notice of Motion to the County Council about the congestion on the A259 and the dangerous junctions. This development will only add to the problem”.

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