Climate Change Emergency At The Heart Of Lib Dem Capital Budget Proposals

david-tutt.pngThe Liberal Democrat budget proposals for East Sussex County Council tackle climate change head on. Cllr David Tutt, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group, explains:

“Despite the fact that East Sussex County Council, under pressure from the Liberal Democrats, declared a climate change emergency there is nothing in the Conservative budget to fund measures that will actively support this. This could explain why they set the target date as 2050 as opposed to the Liberal Democrat proposal of 2030.

It is time for radical change and for some decisive action to tackle what most residents see as essential for all our futures.

We therefore propose to spend £1 million next year on a capital programme to reduce carbon emissions that arise from County Council activities.

We will start with three main projects. We will install electric vehicle charging points, put in low-carbon heating conversions for buildings owned by the County Council and will install solar panels and electrical storage.

We will also take £250,000 from revenue spending next year to create a fund to remedy environmental damage, for example by converting felled tree sites into habitats for insects and to accelerate the preparation of the County Council’s Climate Emergency Plan.

Finally, we will increase expenditure on pavement repairs by £200,000 to make pavements safer for everyone in the wider community as this will assist climate change as people will be encouraged to walk more”.

Cllr Kathryn Field, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat group adds:

“People are tired of empty promises from the Conservatives and of the way in which they are cynically kicking climate change into a future date which is far too late. We need action now and proposals that will help to bring about economic recovery as well as benefit the environment”.

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