Climate Change event

Thanks to Professor Tim Palmer for his talk- 'Climate Change: Catastrophe or Hoax?'. A full house to see a great presentation- amazing to see the in-depth digital modelling behind the forecasts. The uncomfortable truth is that there is a high probability that global temperatures will rise by at least 2 degrees- this would lead to major sea level rise and loss of habitats. That’s why we must act now together to stop it...


At a time when devastating storms are increasing around the world, while key governments seem to be stepping back from their commitments to reduce emissions of damaging greenhouse gases, we debated the real science of climate change. While in power, the Liberal Democrats were able to introduce landmark policies to encourage renewable energy for a full transition to a low carbon economy but many of these policies are now being dismantled by the Conservative government. 

Professor Palmer is the Royal Society Research Professor of Climate Physics, University of Oxford. He explored the science of climate change and shared the latest thinking on how to measure and predict our changing atmosphere. He has spent most of his career working on the dynamics and predictability of weather and climate. Amongst various research achievements, he pioneered the development of probabilistic ensemble forecasting techniques for weather and climate prediction (at the Met Office and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts). These techniques are now standard in operational weather and climate prediction around the world.

Thanks to Tim Palmer for a lively and engaging overview of this critical area of debate!


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