A petition containing hundreds of signatures calling for compensation for local businesses and the local community for the months of delay caused by the closure of the level crossing in Plumpton has been taken all the way to Steve Knight, Area Director at Network Rail's offices in London.

Sarah was joined by local Plumpton residents and Baroness Jenny Randerson, who speaks on transport issues in the House of Lords.

Plumpton's District Councillor Sarah Osborne, who, alongside other local residents launched the petition, said: "Our message is very clear. Both the local community and local businesses have been badly affected by this and Network Rail must do more than just say the right words - they must back this up with some action". And the government must provide political leadership on this issue".


Sarah added: ‘It was good to hear Steve Knight explain that Network Rail acknowledges that it needs to apologise to Plumpton for the way that it handled the removal of our level crossing. Network Rail’s behaviour was tantamount to bullying in a lot of villagers minds’.

‘It was also good to hear that Mr Knight will be investigating why residents have to wait at the new level crossing for 10 minutes at a time; it is an unacceptably long time. Some school parents wait for 10 minutes on the way to school drop off and then 10 minutes afterwards, making their 5 minute car journey 25 minutes long’.

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