Conservative and Labour county councillors block moves to webcast more meetings

We're wondering what other parties on East Sussex County Council have to hide. They voted down a Liberal Democrat motion to have People and Place scrutiny committees broadcast via the web. These committees are very important: a great deal of work is done in them, and members of the public can see how the Council is held to account.
Sarah Osborne, LibDem member for Ouse Valley West and Downs said, “I think many of the arguments against webcasting the scrutiny committees are completely inconsistent. You are saying you cannot perform your function on the committee if anybody is watching you, which is ridiculous. “If a whole load of the public turn up are you suddenly going to immediately change your behaviour? Are you not going to be able to function as a scrutiny committee?”
She also suggested that webcasting proceedings might improve behaviour, citing examples of the sexist behaviour she ahs experienced from other councillors.

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