Conservative county council budget is smoke and mirrors

Liberal Democrat Councillors on the County Council are appalled by the way in which the Conservative Cabinet has failed to get a grip on the County Council’s finances.

Councillor Philip DanielCllr Philip Daniel explains:

"In 2018/19, the Conservative administration made half the savings they said they needed to make. We said all along that the amount of savings needed was not achievable. All the Cabinet are doing now is kicking the can down the road by trying to plug the gap with "temporary variations" – meaning one-off money from reserves. On spending, the County Council can do it, but won’t plan to do it. The detailed amendments the Liberal Democrats put forward for the 2019/19 budget would have restored about £6 million to services to some of our most vulnerable residents, but yet again, Conservative councillors, supported by Independent councillors, voted this down and Labour councillors simply abstained, missing an opportunity to help some of the most vulnerable people in our county.

"The situation will be even worse next year. We simply cannot continue to limp along from year to year with last minute handouts from a national Conservative government that thinks handing out some one-off moneys will somehow plaster over the cracks in service which have now become a gaping chasm".

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