Conservative Government Ignores Seaford

talland_600.jpgLiberal Democrat County Councillors say that the Conservative government is ignoring the plight of Seaford town centre which has been blighted by a scaffolding skyscraper for almost a decade.

Councillor Carolyn Lambert, County Councillor for Seaford South explains: “As residents of Seaford we are all fed up with this immoveable blight in our town centre. We have been let down by the Conservative government and by our MP. The fact that we have not even had an acknowledgement of our concerns is beyond discourteous and shows how little the government cares about places like Seaford.”

Cllr James MacCleary, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson adds: “Lewes District Council has written to Robert Jenrick MP, the appropriate Minister to ask the government to consider changing planning legislation so that the council can take action to end this blight."

CL_Beach_huts_600.jpgNo response was received so Councillor Carolyn Lambert, as the local County Councillor wrote again. Neither Carolyn nor Lewes District Council has even received an acknowledgement. "We have asked Maria Caulfield, our MP, to intervene and help, but despite her repeated claims that the council has the powers to deal with this, she has not been able to tell us anything that we have not already tried. Her claims that other councils have dealt successfully with these kinds of issues are not supported by any evidence."

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