Councillor Calls For Answers From The NHS On Seaford Health Hub

Liberal Democrat Councillor Carolyn Lambert is calling for answers from the NHS on their plans for the Dane Road site. 

carolyn_lambert01_200.jpgCouncillor Lambert says: "The NHS has repeatedly been asked for clarification on their requirements for accommodation.  There is still no clear statement from them as to the square meterage the two surgeries need both for their immediate needs and to future proof accommodation for the two practices.  This leaves in doubt the statement from the Clinical Commissioning Group that the Dane Road site is too small to meet their needs. 

"I remain unclear as to exactly why this site could not be re-developed to keep the surgeries in the town centre.  Simply saying the site is too small is not good enough when they cannot provide facts and figures to back this statement up.

"In addition, I am very concerned about rumours circulating that the NHS plans to sell off the Dane Road site to build a hotel.  We need a clear statement of intent from the NHS about their plans for the site.  If indeed, they are proposing to sell the site, then why are they asking Lewes District Council to foot the bill for building new accommodation?

"I remain fully in support of both our medical practices having accommodation that is fit for purpose.  I am pleased that this project has now been called in for scrutiny by the new administration at Lewes District Council.  However, in view of the substantial sums of public money involved and the serious concerns raised by local residents, I urge the District Council not to proceed with this project until these questions have been satisfactorily answered."

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