From the mayor of Seaford, Pinky Adil.

pinky_adil02a.jpgOn this auspicious Eid day which is one of the grandest celebrations we the Muslims have after Ramadan, I would like to spread the message of peace and harmony to the whole Ummah (Muslim brothers and sisters), my community and the towners on the whole to honour, meet, greet and treat everyone with love, respect, equality. And to be more accepting, forgiving and helpful to one another. 
I would like to say the town has always been welcoming and has warmly embraced the minorities with great regard and open mindedness which is the wonderful character of our kind and generous inhabitants.
A very happy and prosperous Eid to everyone celebrating and fortunate returns with positive spirits of the same to all my family, friends and locals. Here’s to the integrity and Unity of the community of my Dear Old Seaford Town.
Wishing everybody a sweet and blessed Eid.

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