End of lockdown

The guiding principle of liberal democracy is that everybody should be as free as possible to do what they want, providing that their freedom does not impinge on other people's.

It has been obvious throughout this pandemic that other people's freedom to avoid the virus - to live and to stay healthy - depends on us.

The lifting of lockdown restrictions today means that we all have to take our responsibilities very seriously. It is not only about freedom but also about our obligations to others.

We are now much more free to go about our lives than we have been for some time, but we must all be aware that our actions may have notable effects on other people. Even young healthy people are still dying, or are at risk of a horrible, debilitating and long lasting illness.

Wearing a mask and observing distancing are minor prices to pay for other people's freedom, so please don't be like the prime minister, please exercise your freedoms responsibly.

Lewes Liberal Democrats

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