Ghost buses

Liberal Democrats have branded as "farcical" the situation faced by Plumpton commuters during the rail strike on 11th January. For the first time Southern put on rail replacement buses for the village on an official strike day to go to Haywards Heath - something which has not happened before. But the company failed to tell anyone about them on their strike information page!

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem Parliamentary Campaigner said: "Of course we all want to see the situation on Southern Rail resolved and the strikes called off. But it is crazy that if there are replacement buses for Plumpton to Haywards Heath no information about them is put on their website or on the national rail information page".


District Councillor Sarah Osborne added: "This isn't the first time Southern have done this. Before Christmas when there was no trains from Plumpton at weekends due to the overtime ban they started to run some rail replacement buses - but again there was no information on the website to inform people about this.

"Finally our village is getting some recognition of the impact the strike is having - but they must advertise replacement buses properly".


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