Dr Hazel Fell-Rayner

hazel_fell-rayner_200.jpgPeople, planet and community at the heart of all we do

Our villages are truly special. I feel lucky to live locally in Chailey Division and have found that the more I do as a community volunteer, the more I want to do. That’s why I’m standing as a candidate for county councillor.

I’m a child & family clinical psychologist and have worked for the NHS for 20 years. I’m passionate about community wellbeing and mental health, and understand the pressures facing so many – especially our children & young people, families, carers and frontline services. I will stand up for our local public services – including education, health and social care services – and will fight to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

I know that strong, compassionate and empowered communities can provide the support, belonging and opportunity so crucial during these hard times. Throughout the pandemic, watching so many local people, businesses and arts ventures rally together to provide help, protection and creative balm to others has been incredibly moving. 

Community is vital to tackling the challenges we face as a society – the climate emergency, biodiversity crisis, rising poverty and spiralling inequality. None of us can solve these problems alone – it’s when we work together that change for the better becomes possible and we can all play our part.

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I will work for:

hazel_with_potholes_01_200.jpg1. Safer Roads
I have a strong record of getting local potholes reported and fixed. I will continue the fight to repair our neglected roads and make them safer across all our villages. LibDems support the campaign for safer road crossings such as on the A275 in South Chailey.

2. Local Transport
I supported the Lib Dems’ campaign for flexible season tickets for rail commuters and challenged GTR/Southern Rail to scrap their parking charges at Cooksbridge Station. I support sustainable, affordable and convenient public transport so people have practical alternatives to car-driving.

3. Planning
The LibDem team and I strongly oppose Eton College’s proposed scheme for a New Town of 3000 houses, which would dwarf East Chiltington and turn the villages of Chailey and Plumpton Green into suburbs. I have been actively involved in community efforts in our villages to stop inappropriate development destroying our rural communities and countryside, and I have been effective in getting planned developments more thoroughly scrutinised. I want affordable housing and sustainable development to be based on community need, not driven by developer profit and Central Government’s “Build Build Build” agenda. You can sign our petition at www.leweslibdems.org.uk/building_spree

hazel_nightingales_200.jpg4. Our Environment
I am a Green LibDem and have been a passionate environmental campaigner since childhood. In Barcombe, I launched a 2000-signature-strong petition to save a threatened wildlife corridor used by endangered nightingales. I am an active supporter of local community projects to promote biodiversity and conserve our heritage, wildlife habitats and corridors, ancient trees and hedgerows. I oppose the destructive plans to reroute a new motorway-style A27 through the precious South Downs National Park and want safer, sustainable, future-fit improvements for our roads and transport.

5. Fairer Politics
I am campaigning for healthier, fairer politics. I founded and chair Make Votes Matter Lewes to facilitate cross-party grassroots campaigning for equal votes in elections (Proportional Representation). I have written and spoken publicly on the importance of compassion in politics.


I will listen to and campaign for the welfare of people, communities and the environment:

  • Fighting inappropriate development proposals across our villages including the Eton College scheme;
  • Fighting for strong public services including education, transport (fix those potholes!), health and social care services;
  • Standing up for local business, agriculture and the vital arts and entertainment sector – recognising their value to the heart and soul of our communities as well as the local economy.

I want people, planet and community to be put at the heart of every policy, every decision and everything we do. In the local elections on Thursday 6th May, please back me so I can stand up for our villages and support our communities to be the places of kindness, connection and possibility that help us all to thrive.

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