Kate Parminter re-affirms Lib Dem Environmental Commitments

Baroness Kate Parminter, Lib Dem spokesperson on the Environment reaffirmed Liberal Democrat commitments as she addressed Lewes Constituency annual dinner last night.

The Liberal Democrats have been leading the way on environmental issues in parliament, from securing charges on plastic bags to reduce pollution through to championing green energy through investing in solar and wind power.

Since the Conservatives gained a majority government they have cut back on investment in green energy, resulting in the loss of circa 18000 jobs across the country in green energy. 

This is alongside the threat of Brexit undermining the UK's commitments on climate change and EU environmental policies.


Baroness Parminter, who led the campaign against fox hunting at the RSPCA, said "we also have to wary of Trump's election and the USA commitments on climate change. Pollution and a refusal to reduce countries carbon footprint could rapidly increase global warming and increase health problems from rising pollution."

Kelly-Marie Blundell,  Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes welcomed Kate, saying;
"Lib Dems have a long history of standing up for green issues, from fighting to introduce wind turbines to supporting solar power to reducing pollution from traffic. 

"As we are in  an era of political uncertainty we must make sure our environment is protected."

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