Speaking to over 1000 delegates at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in Brighton, Kelly-Marie Blundell, prospective parliamentary candidate for Lewes, called for people to campaign to remain in Europe.

Citing over 70 years of peace guaranteed by the EU, Kelly-Marie said: 

"We do not just have an urge to campaign, we have a duty to campaign to remain, to British citizens and the citizens of Europe.

Kelly-Marie also called for a referendum on what Brexit looks like:


"The government is lurching from vacuous statement to vacuous statement, but what is clear is that they have no plan.

We must demand rights to remain for European citizens, we must demand protection for science and research investment and we must demand protection for our environment."

The constituency of Lewes voted remain in the referendum on 23rd June 2016 while incumbent Conservative MP Maria Caulfied campaigned to leave. 

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