Kelly-Marie Blundell calls on Government to address Universal Credit Failings

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Spokesperson for Lewes, who was
narrowly beaten by Conservative Maria Caulfield, has called on the Government to do more to
address Universal Credit failings.

Speaking to the Liberal Democrat Conference on Tuesday along with Eastbourne MP Stephen
Lloyd, Kelly-Marie called the benefit system “the right solution to benefits badly implemented.”
Kelly-Marie Blundell, who used to work as a Citizen's Advice Bureau Advisor and co-authored the
Liberal Democrat policy on Welfare in 2015, addressed an audience of over a thousand, saying;
“Universial Credit should make work pay, but the implementation is a train wreck, seeing people
left for up to 12 weeks without money and pushing up rent arrears and food bank usage.
“Someone must stand up for the most vulnerable in society, and with a Tory government intent on
castigating those out of work and a Labour party looking the other way, it is up to Liberal
Democrats to pick up the mantle and call for an end to the Universial Credit Roll out until problems
are resolved.”
Universial Credit merges different types of benefits into one simple payment but the application
process is lengthly and people are left months without payment.

More needs to be done to regulate competition
Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, spoke alongside
Sir Ed Davey at Liberal Democrat Conference on Monday 18 th September 2017 about problems
with competition in trade and services.
The discussion was hosted by Liberal Democrat Group “Liberal Reform” who promote open
markets and classic liberalism.
Discussing energy markets, Sir Ed Davey said;
“The electricity market is dominated by a top six companies, when it is easy and quick for people to
change their supplier and save huge amounts of money.”
He sited Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert Energy Club
<href=””>which promotes consumer
ownership of energy providers to reduce bills.
Kelly-Marie Blundell discussed problems with purchasing appliances, saying;
“Every time I see one of those signs for a 'warrantee' I get annoyed. Under law, all appliances are
covered by the Sale of Goods and Services Act for six years.
“This is just companies charging to uphold the law.”
She also referred to changes to energy suppliers, commenting;
“The way water is sourced and sold is changing for buisnesses. The wholesaler never changes, but

water companies are being encouraged to compete outside of their areas. If this is rolled out to
private households, it would see an unfairly weighted market on consumers as well.”

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