Kelly-Marie Blundell backs People’s Vote on Brexit Terms

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Liberal Democrat candidate for Lewes, Newhaven, Seaford and Polegate, has backed plans being put to the Party’s Conference on Monday to give the people of the UK the final say on the negotiated package to leave the EU.

“The people of the UK voted by a small majority to leave the EU in the Referendum in June,” said Kelly-Marie. “Having taken the decision to leave, it is absolutely right that the people should decide the destination of the country. That decision should not be in the hands of one political party. It should be a decision for the whole nation. “

The Leave Campaign made many promises in the campaign. The most notorious was the claim that £350 million a week more could be spent on the NHS. The reality is that breaking our links with Europe will not lead to a single extra penny going to the health service.

“Having set the precedent of holding a referendum on our EU membership, it is now absolutely right that a referendum is held to give people a choice to accept the Brexit package or to remain a member if they feel the conditions negotiated by the Conservative Government is not good enough.”

Kelly-Marie Blundell organised marches for Europe in London after the referedum, to represent the 48% of the voters who want to remain part of the European Union. The Constituency of Lewes voted majority to remain in the European Referendum. 

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