Lewes Lib Dems launch manifesto calling for a fairer and more inclusive District Council

In the first week of full campaigning for Lewes District Council elections, the Lib Dems have set out a bold vision for the future of the District. Their proposals focus on fighting for a fairer future for Lewes District and providing opportunities for all, with key policies on low cost housing, improving green spaces and supporting our local high streets; as well as a central pledge to bring more transparency to council decision-making, to ensure that the District Council is more accountable to the voters and council tax payers of the Lewes area.


There is currently no overall control on Lewes District Council and the Lib Dems are the main challengers to the Conservative group, the Lib Dems have a dynamic new team standing across the District and are pushing to take control.

Senior Liberal Democrat District Councillor Stephen Gauntlett (Seaford Central) said: “Over recent years, we have seen a handful of Tory councillors making key decisions behind closed doors in a ‘cabinet system’, they are out of touch with the needs of our community and have failed to listen to changing needs across the District. 

“While national budgets have been squeezed, local budgets have been slashed and local people have been let down. The Liberal Democrats will open up the council, letting all councillors contribute. We’ll also run a regular residents’ survey to ask local people what matters to them; and we will ensure that the council provides more information so that you can see how your taxes are spent and make sure they are spent fairly.”

Councillor Janet Baah (Lewes Bridge) said: “We will focus on fairness of opportunity, including support to local start-ups and small businesses and put buying of council services from businesses in the District at the heart of a Liberal Democrat council; while reducing our impact on the environment, such as reducing plastic waste and improving recycling.”

“Local Liberal Democrats are committed to improving opportunities for all our residents. We want to ensure young people have a future here and will enable them to build their lives by developing low cost housing and thriving high streets so that no one is left behind.” added Councillor Julie Carr (Newhaven North).

“This is our council,” Lewes Town campaigner Oli Henman said, “We believe that everyone should have a say in its decision making. A vote for your local, hardworking Liberal Democrat candidate will make this a reality”.

The Liberal Democrat local manifesto sets out a bold vision to deliver a fairer deal for residents, ensuring budgets are available to tackle the major issues in our District: a cleaner and greener local environment; low cost housing; support for local businesses; and a more open inclusive council. The manifesto is available here (4MB download).

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