Lewes Lib Dems slam MP over fracking vote

Lewes Liberal Democrats have slammed local MP Maria Caulfield for voting in favour of allowing fracking in National Parks. The Tory MP maintained her record of always voting with the government since her election in May by voting to allow companies to drill and blast horizontally into protected areas.

Local Lib Dems have maintained a strong anti-fracking position arguing that government support should be behind renewable energy to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Since the election the MP and her Conservative colleagues have made it a priority to unpick legislation promoting wind and solar in order to support the Prime Minister’s pledge to go ‘all out’ for shale gas extraction.

“It appears that our MP is happy to see holes being blasted into the National Park which covers a large part of the constituency she is supposed to represent.” says local Lib Dem campaigner, James MacCleary.

“As someone who lives in Lewes and was a councillor when we managed to get National Park status for the South Downs it amazes me that our MP would support these measures. Perhaps living in Brighton she doesn’t appreciate the delicate ecological balance that she is endangering by backing her government’s drive to promote fracking.”

"I am sure many of those who voted for the fourth and fifth placed Labour and Green candidates, allowing a pro-fracking Conservative MP to be elected, will be feeling very disappointed right now'.

Sarah Osborne, who represents Plumpton ward on the District Council says: “We keep hearing from the Tories about how many jobs fracking will create, and how much money it’ll make, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped them destroying jobs in Britain’s world-leading green industry.

“This change will be off huge concern both to people living in the National Park and those just outside its boundaries - my ward goes across the National Park border for instance. Our Conservative MP has really let us down here, and once again shown that she puts following the party line above the wellbeing of her constituents.”


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