Lewes Lib Dems support Clean Air Day 2018

Lewes Liberal Democrats are proud to support Lewes Clean Air Day 2018. Clean Air Day is on 21st June and in Lewes it will be celebrated on Saturday 23rd June by putting people first and taking cars off Cliffe High Street from 10:30am until 5pm.

Vic Ient and Oli Henman

 “Air pollution is a killer” said local campaigner Oli Henman (above left), “It is a factor in 40,000 deaths a year, which is a staggering figure. As a local parent, I am taking steps to make sure my children have a healthy approach to life, including walking to school and I am concerned that increasing traffic in Lewes has a detrimental effect on their lives.”

“We have also unfortunately seen recent instances of speeding on narrow streets in the town which can be very dangerous to young and old. Working with others to highlight these challenges on Clean Air Day allows us all to reclaim our streets.”

Vic Ient (above right), Lib Dem Environment spokesperson on Lewes District Council said “Air Pollution is estimated to cost the UK economy £20bn a year of which £15bn is NHS cost. Lewes Town’s share of this cost is £31m annually and this money could be put to better use improving health and other local services”.

 “It’s great to see Lewes Clean Air Day raising awareness of the impact of air pollution and of the small things we can all do to reduce the pollution we create and improve our health. I am glad to have been able to secure District Council support to develop electric vehicle infrastructure including universal charging points in new build homes. But we need to see much faster action, for the sake of our children and grandchildren; we should all pledge to have a Clean Air Day once every week.”

Lewes Liberal Democrats are asking everyone to take one action this week to reduce air pollution. This can include walking or cycling to school, work or the shops; volunteering to conserve our green spaces such as the Railway Land or Baxter’s Field, taking public transport instead of the car, looking to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle, or simply by checking the tyre pressure on your car regularly.

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