Lewes Liberal Democrats welcome new Co-operative Alliance

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that a cross party alliance has been formed to run Lewes District Council.

Independent, Green and Labour Party Councillors have joined Liberal Democrat Councillors to create the Alliance.
Simon Burall, Convenor of Lewes Liberal Democrats said:
“We have worked very closely with our District Council group to make sure that this alliance will deliver our party’s priorities for our area. We stood in May’s local elections on a strong manifesto for change and we’re delighted to see that reflected in the Alliance’s priorities.

“No party was returned with an overall majority on the council in May so building an alliance with a clear majority of seats was crucial to ensure stability for residents and the council”.
“The agreement only covers the operation of the Alliance on the District Council and we will continue to build on the surge we have seen in both our membership and poll ratings recently to ensure that we are ready to defeat the Conservatives and elect a Lib Dem MP for Lewes.

“With Lib Dems now in the District Council’s Cabinet as well as being the largest groups on Town Councils in Newhaven, Lewes and Seaford it is clear that we remain the best-placed party to defeat the Tories across our area.”
Councillor James MacCleary, Liberal Democrat Leader on Lewes District Council added:
“Our local Lib Dem team has backed us all the way on this to ensure we have an agreement which is both in the interests of local residents and the party.
“People always say they like to see parties working together so this is just what Lib Dems are doing. Given the very strong position the party finds itself in nationally and locally we are confident that this will provide us with a great platform for the future.
“I am looking forward to getting to work with our colleagues from other parties to get a better deal for our communities in Lewes District.”


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