Lib Dem offer to continue discussions for alliance agreement at Lewes District Council

Following initial discussions about the formation of a multi-party co-operative alliance, local Liberal Democrats are inviting other opposition parties back to the table.
‘We know how important it is to our electorate that they are presented with a viable alternative to the Tories, but we know we need to get this right for them in the interest of running the District. If any arrangement is to stand for 4 years and for the administration not to collapse back into chaotic Tory control, we must achieve a working agreement that each of the parties can sign up to to make sure that key aims of their voters are represented,’ said Liberal Democrat Leader, Cllr James MacCleary who is extending an offer of new talks to Green Leader, Zoe Nicholson, Labour’s Chris Collier and Independents, Ruth O’Keeffe and Steve Saunders. 
‘As the Liberal Democrat Group on the Council, we know there is a real desire among other opposition groups to get an alternative coalition off the ground but with two parties, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, of very similar size, this was always going to be more tricky than with one much larger and one smaller party.’ 
Cllr MacCleary has invited the other party leaders to resume talks on Monday. ‘We are keen to sit down with the other parties and explore all the options. We realise that some people are very impatient for a solution to be reached but we are confident we have enough common ground on a number of issues to be able to work together effectively’.
Following the recent local elections, the Liberal Democrats are now in majority control of 25 local authorities and in alliance or coalitions in number of others, but this would be the first time a multi-party alliance has been mooted in Lewes District.

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