Lib Dems accuse Maria Caulfield of "betrayal" of constituents after voting for Article 50

Maria Caulfield has been accused of a "clear betrayal" of her constituents after voting in favour of triggering Article 50 this week without giving the public the final say on the Brexit deal.

Lewes constituency voted by a clear majority to remain in the EU referendum, and the Liberal Democrats have said it should be represented by someone who also opposes a damaging hard Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats tabled an amendment in Parliament this week to give the public the final say on the Government's Brexit deal, with the option of accepting it or remaining in the EU. However this was defeated after MPs including Ms Caulfield against it.

The Liberal Democrats have seen a huge surge in membership in the South East since the EU referendum, with many new members joining the party due to its strong stance against an economically damaging exit from the Single Market. This week figures by the respected Institute for Fiscal studies predicted the UK economy will be 3% smaller by 2030 as a result of hard Brexit, with years more austerity and tax increases expected.

Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell commented:

"Maria Caulfield has betrayed her constituents this week by voting through a hard Brexit without giving the people the final say on the deal.

"Our area deserves an MP that will stand up against a reckless exit from the Single Market that would mean higher taxes, less funding for public services and huge damage to our local economy.

"The Liberal Democrats have seen a huge surge of new members who are worried about the direction our country is going in and want to do something about it.

"Both the Conservatives and Labour are now holding hands towards a hard Brexit.

"We will be the rallying point for all those in the Lewes constituency who want to hold this government to account and keep Britain open, tolerant and united."

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