Lib Dems campaign in the sun in Newhaven and Peacehaven

Dave Twaits and Matthew Milligan have been selected as the Lib Dem Town Council candidates for Newhaven and Peacehaven Town Councils in by-elections set for 8th March; and are already out knocking on doors. In a busy weekend of campaigning, local volunteers joined the candidates to speak to residents and share key priorities.


Dave Twaits said, “I have lived in the Denton Ward of Newhaven most of my life and I now want to give something back to the community as a Town Councillor. The issues I feel most strongly about in Newhaven are regeneration of the town centre, youth employment, adult social care and the worsening traffic congestion which affects the area. Having lived in the area for many years I know how great the community of Denton is and I very much look forward to working with the local Lib Dems and fellow residents to keep it that way.”

The Lib Dems are the strongest group on Newhaven Town Council, where they stand up for local residents and fight for investment in Newhaven, which the Conservative-led District and County Councils have failed to deliver.

Meanwhile, standing for Peacehaven Town Council, Matthew Milligan said, "On the doorstep I have heard a number of issues that the residents of Peacehaven care about that are being neglected by the Tory-run council. Peacehaven has been run by the Conservatives for years. I think its time for something different, I want to bring fresh energy to a stagnant council."

In Peacehaven, the Lib Dems offer a real alternative to the Conservatives, they are pushing for improved infrastructure and renewal of local priorities.

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