Lib Dems fight to save Newhaven Post Office

Post Office Ltd has outlined how they are looking for a local business to take over the Post Office in Newhaven - most probably as a concession within an existing shop. With no local businesses with sufficient space to take this on, there are concerns that the Post Office will simply be closed and Newhaven residents, yet again, will lose a vital and regularly used service that they depend on. 

The Post Office is not only well-used by local residents, but for many people in Newhaven it is an essential lifeline.

Local Liberal Democrats have started a campaign to send a message to the Post Office Ltd that Newhaven cannot risk losing its Post Office. They have set up a petition that can be signed through their website and in many shops on the High Street.

Local Newhaven Town Councillor, Darren Grover, says: “As well as offering standard Post Office services, Newhaven Post Office is one of only a handful in the area that offers full passport, pensions and banking services. With no bank in the town, the Post Office has been the only way for those without internet access to do their banking.

“Even if a business can be found that is willing and able to take on the Post Office, residents face the risk that it will be downgraded and any services other than a basic postal service will be lost.

“Your local Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners are leading the fight to prevent the loss of full Post Office services in Newhaven. We believe strongly that there is a genuine need to keep the current Post Office in its current location because nowhere else is as accessible to local residents and because so many people really rely on the services the current Post Office provides.

“We are already leading campaigns in Newhaven High Street and online, collecting hundreds of signatures on our petition in the last few days. You can help us to stand up for our town by signing the petition at”

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