Lib Dems left frustrated as Greens reject process to end Tory control of Lewes District Council

Liberal Democrat councillors on Lewes District Council are hoping that the Greens will return to the negotiating table to nail down an agreement with the Lib Dems to end Tory control of the council.

Group leader, James MacCleary, says: “The Lib Dems are keen to help put together a progressive alliance to run Lewes District Council and stop the Tories who are not in tune with the wishes of local residents. But any such agreement has to be both fair to both sides and stable so that it can last the four years of the council.

“Lib Dems have considerable experience of running councils, both on our own and in coalition and we know that sensible forward planning is important. I fear that the enthusiasm and inexperience of the Greens is clouding their judgement, and rushing into half-baked plans, as they wish to do, is simply not sensible.”

At this evening’s meeting of the council, the Greens proposed Zoe Nicholson to lead the council even though they knew there was not sufficient support. Liberal Democrats have desperately exhorted the Green leadership to be more flexible and spend a little more time to build up a proper joint platform for taking control. The Greens rejected that out of hand instead attempting to force others to back their bid for power.

Cllr MacCleary adds: “We opened the door to the Greens as widely as we could but I'm afraid they do not seem ready to negotiate sensibly at the moment. I reiterate that we remain open to finding ways to create a progressive alliance to run the council and hope very much the Greens will engage positively with that.

“Liberal Democrats have extensive experience of collaborative working and also of running local authorities – indeed we were running Lewes District Council as recently as 2011. We know that any successful administration needs detailed agreements on issues and policies, and agreed terms of working. The Greens were not interested in settling any of that before making a bid for power. We are not interested in entering into an alliance that just collapses after a few weeks because we did not take the time to put in place the foundations.”

Simon Burall, Convenor of the local Liberal Democrats, added: “After a bruising election contest the focus must be on holding the Tories to account rather than making bids for power without the proper agreements in place to make it work. Local Liberal Democrats will continue to focus on putting local people first as we have always done, and get on with the job of getting results for residents.”

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