Lib Dems push for ambitious budget at Lewes District Council

A bumper crop of Liberal Democrat amendments will be tabled for the budget on Monday, 19 February (next week) at Lewes District Council.  Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem group, Steve Saunders said, “Our leader, Sarah Osborne, has put together an excellent package of proposals on housing and the environment."

"There is a good chance that these measures will be adopted as there is a growing realisation in all political parties that we have to do something about these critical issues. The homelessness situation is getting worse in many places and pollution in all forms, whether plastic or other environmental hazards must be tackled for the benefit of future generations”.

The proposals set out ambitious changes to the budget for 2018/2019, to bring about improvements in housing for the homeless, street recycling, trade waste recycling for small businesses and environmental measures within the planning system. These include specific amendments to:

  • Allocate funds for housing for the homeless
  • Improve recycling on streets
  • Improve trade waste recycling options for small businesses
  • Ensure sustainability actually means something in the planning system – including the introduction of renewable energy schemes and green corridors

The Lib Dem group have already secured significant improvements in domestic recycling and in the planning system, which is currently being rolled out across the district. For instance, Lewes District Council now leads the way in requiring all new developments to include electric car charging points in the development.

Sarah Osborne, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, commented about these measures, saying, “We consistently work to ensure Lewes District Council implements measures that will benefit the environment, deal with the housing waiting list and improve the lives of homeless people, as well as pushing for the Council to become more innovative with limited resources”.

Also, at Monday’s meeting the Liberal Democrats are proposing the Council should promote the anniversary of the Act of Parliament which introduced votes for women 100 years ago. Sarah Osborne commented, “1918 was a turning point in in the development of our democracy and this celebration is the ideal platform to launch a number of initiatives to promote greater diversity in public life. Currently only 33% of councillors across the country are women and only 1 in 5 council leaders are women. This needs to change if we are to ensure democracy survives. We must work harder to inspire the next generation and make sure politics and our public services are truly representative of the communities they serve”.


In the photo, Lib Dem Group Leader Sarah Osborne is determined to attend the meeting despite her recent hip operation!

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