Lib Dems slam Southern Rail Failures

Lib Dems across Lewes have slammed poor services from Southern Rail in the wake of more strikes. 

Cllrs Lindsay Freeman and Rahuma Hayder have spoken to the press about the damaging impact of reduced Southern Services on Seaford residents, citing job losses, continued disruption and impact on the town trading; 

Cllr Lindsay Freeman pointed out the impacts of Southern Rail disruptions are far reaching; 

"People have had to stop working in London because they couldn't be sure whether they could get into work on time.

"A lot of parents have said the disruption has meant them not being able to see their children in the evenings, and led to increased childcare costs.

"And I've heard it has also had an impact on disabled people because some of the coaches laid on are not always accommodating for the disabled.

"The rail strikes and disruption have really had a huge impact on Seaford. We have been right down on tourists, with the tourist information centre reporting fewer inquiries.

"People have also had to cancel hospital appointments and I've noticed an increase in traffic. I work in Eastbourne and used to leave at 7.40am but have had to leave at 7.20am instead.

"There are just so many more cars since all this started on the railways." 

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell echoed the councillors' comments; 

"Seaford are getting the short straw from Southern, with more than 80% of our services cut. 

"For many this is a loss in income, or even a loss in jobs. Even when we were told the trains were back on track, it was followed by a week of replacement buses. 

"The Government should hold Govia Thames Link to account and if need be, strip them of their franchise." 

Norman Baker, former Member of Parliament for Lewes also called for the removal of the contract from Southern in his article for the Independent; 

"Southern’s long-suffering passengers deserve far better than they have had for months." 

Lib Dems in Lewes continue to campaign to prevent the proposed removal of direct trains from Seaford to London. You can sign the petition here. 

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