LibDems seek to protect Newhaven Port from Brexit chaos

Liberal Democrats on Lewes District Council say a taskforce must be formed to consider how Newhaven Port will be affected if the Brexit chaos continues.
They have presented a motion for debate at Monday’s full council meeting.
Councillor Vic Ient (Kingston and Ouse Valley West) said “We are presenting a motion to try and force the authorities to take action.
“Chaos seems to be the only word one can use for the present state of the government.
“I, like the majority of people in the Lewes constituency, wanted to stay in the EU and after months of wrangling we seem no further forward as to what the Brexiters want.
“I hope we have a People’s vote and this country draws back from the brink.
“But failing all of this, we must prepare for the worst-case situation and investigate the risks for the port of Newhaven and act responsibly on behalf of the thousands of residents who may be affected.
“Is there a plan to deal with the massive number of lorries which may back-up in the case of there being customs difficulties?
“The only way into Newhaven is via the A26 for HGVs.
“Even a small delay could cause major problems.
“If there are jams, how will the government and the county council keep traffic flowing for local businesses and residents?
“Vehicles will try and find alternative routes along the A259 and through my own council ward along the C7 between Lewes and Newhaven.
“We need joint action and we are calling for a taskforce to be set up so that risks and mitigating actions can be prepared in advance.”
Sarah Osborne, leader of the Liberal Democrats at Lewes District Council, said: “We must get ready for all eventualities.”

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