Time to Solve Malling Parking Problems

Parking in the Malling area of Lewes has been a growing challenge in recent months; it's time to find a solution that works for all residents. Local Lib Dem County Councillor, Philip Daniel sets out the key issues.


Philip Daniel said:

"As the recently elected County Councillor for Ringmer and Lewes Bridge, my division includes the Malling area of Lewes. Residents have raised the parking problems in Malling again and again - both before and after my election  During the working day many streets effectively become one-way because of parked cars. Parents with children, or elderly and disabled residents often find dropped kerbs blocked.  Residents have told me that when they move about by car during the day they cannot park near their own homes. Much of the problem comes from commuter parking, not least for Sussex Police HQ, and also from an unavoidable increase in service delivery to the area. The County Council recently added double-yellow line restrictions in parts of Old Malling Way, but now I receive complaints about the effects of those too!

"I've raised these concerns with the Parking Team at the County Council. The next full review starts only in July 2018 but I’ve put Malling on the list. We need wide support to increase the urgency on this issue - and for the options put forward to take account of knock-on effects on surrounding areas.

"The Malling parking issue has drifted on, unresolved, for too long; that’s why my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I started a petition calling for a full consultation to consider all the options (not just a charging zone) on how to improve parking in the area. This cannot wait until 2019. I was out on the streets with local campaigner Oli Henman and Parliamentary Spokesperson Kelly-Marie Blundell on Saturday and we received an overwhelming response that the time is right to solve this issue."

You can find out more and sign the petition yourself here

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