Nazish Adil

Nazish_Adil_Flying_Start_header_1_200.jpgI have been a Town Councillor in Seaford for the past three years and was also elected as Mayor. I am a Seaford resident and am passionate about the town and its residents that I am proud to serve.

I have worked hard to ensure that I am approachable, easily accessible, and available at all times to respond to residents’ queries and concerns.

During my year as Mayor, I worked to bring the community even closer together and to encourage and support our wonderful small independent businesses which are such a feature of our town. I have been in touch with local schools to promote and support extra curricular activities and have built a special bond with some of the young people in our town to listen to their ideas for our community and to encourage them to take part in community events and activities.

Nazish_Adil_conversation_200.jpgI am standing up for a better deal for the people of Seaford.
• Safer roads and pavements for everyone, whether you walk, cycle or drive. She will campaign for improvements to the A259 and pothole repairs that stay fixed!
• Proper funding for our schools. East Sussex schools are underfunded to the tune of £11m (
• Improved social care our older people and better support for vulnerable children. The Conservatives have shut down purpose-built adult day care centre Warwick House, a vital resource foe those in need.


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