Nestlé shifts production to Poland – Cable blames government

Liberal Democrat former Business Secretary Sir Vince Cable has criticised the government after Nestlé axed 300 jobs and moved production of a chocolate bar to Poland. York and Newcastle will be particularly badly hit.

Vince Cable said:

“When I was Business Secretary companies like Nestlé exported chocolate bars. Now they are exporting jobs.

“Blame for this lies firmly with the Conservative Brexit government for threatening to yank Britain out of the single market and customs union, and I fear there will be many more such announcements.

“We believe that membership of the single market and the customs union is vital for the British economy and for the jobs of millions of British people. Leaving the world’s largest single market was not on the ballot paper in the referendum, it is a political choice made by Theresa May.

“You can’t have a hard Brexit and successful economy.”

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