Newhaven Lib Dems welcome Tory U-Turn on cuts to housing scheme for young people

Local Lib Dems have welcomed the news that the Conservative run County Council has been forced to U-turn on their plan to scrap funding for a housing scheme for young people in Newhaven.


The Lib Dem team visited Newhaven Foyer as soon as they discovered that the Tory-run county council had planned to cut funding for this vital scheme which supports vulnerable young Newhaven people who have genuine problems and might otherwise be homeless.

Cllr Darren Grover said "We visited the Foyer to meet with residents and managers to work out a way forward."

"I was very upset to learn that the Conservatives planned to cut funding for this vital service that does so much to transform the lives of many disadvantaged young people in Newhaven."

"Residents of the foyer told me that they were worried that without the funding, the service would close, leaving vulnerable young people without a home or support to get them back to their feet".

"They were very passionate about saving the foyer, not just for them, but also for future generations".

Your local Lib Dems campaigned with foyer residents to make it clear to East Sussex County Council that cutting this service would put lives at risk and be counter-productive - the young people would have needed more help and cost the taxpayer more money further down the line.

Lib Dem Newhaven Town councillor Alex Wolfson added "I'm just glad that we have been successful in forcing the Tories to realise just how important this vital service is".

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