Newhaven LibDems call for action on road accident black spot

Newhaven Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to bring attention to road safety in the town. Yet another recent accident at the junction of the A26 and B2109 (Avis Road) has brought renewed focus on this accident blackspot and other local road safety issues.

200712_Darren_Grover_roadside.jpgLocal County Councillor, Darren Grover, says: “In over 30 years of living in Newhaven and South Heighton, I have witnessed first hand dozens of collisions at this junction, as well as overturned HGVs. Too many people have died and for too long, the county council and Highways have shirked their responsibility to protect the public.”

To support their campaign the local Lib Dem team have launched a petition via their website ( appealing directly to East Sussex County Council, East Sussex Highways, and the Highways Agency who are the authorities responsible for the roads in question. The petition was signed by over 250 local residents its first 24 hours.

sean_macleod.jpgCouncillor Sean Macleod, Lib Dem councillor for South Heighton says: “As a local resident and district ward councillor I know just how dangerous this junction is. We see accidents time and time again at this location and things have to change. We understand budgets are tight but at the end of the day people's lives far outweigh the need to cut costs”.

james_maccleary.jpgNewhaven councillor James MacCleary adds: “Newhaven always seems to be put to the back of the queue by the County Council - unless they want to dump an incinerator on us! Improvements at this junction are long overdue and we demand they prioritise the safety of local people and the tens of thousands of people who use this dangerous junction every week."


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