Local Lib Dems welcome breakthrough in Newhaven road safety campaign

Liberal Democrat councillors in Newhaven have taken a big step forward on one of the key local road safety priorities in a meeting with Highways England.

The junction of the A26 and Avis Road is a well known accident blackspot. The design of the junction has poor sight lines for pulling on to a fast road and has seen a series of accidents in recent months.

At a recent meeting with councillors, Highways England confirmed they are now carrying out a study on potential safety improvements at the junction and their initial assessment has shown that there is justification for an upgrade.

james_maccleary02_cropped_1000.jpgJames MacCleary, local Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Newhaven, South Heighton and Bishopstone, says: "This is the sort of progress we need to see on these sorts of dangerous junctions. The problem is not just cars, we also have a lot of HGVs using the road to get to the port and industrial estates on Avis Way. I'm pleased that we are now getting progress on this and that Highways England are engaging so positively. Hopefully we'll have specifics on what measures they think will be most effective in the coming months."

Sean MacLeod, Liberal Democrat District Councillor for South Heighton, says: "We've been plugging away at this for a while now. Not only have Highways England confirmed that they think there's justification for safety improvements, they have also committed to cutting back overgrowth on footpaths there which has been causing accessibility issues for residents. It's great to have some positive news to report on a junction that has generated so many negative headlines."

Julie Carr, Liberal Democrat District Councillor for Newhaven North, adds: "We were also able to confirm with Highways England that they have arranged with the District Council for a litter pick to take place when they close off parts of the road to clear the overgrown foliage later in the year. People sometimes ask what difference Liberal Democrats make and here is an example. While others make empty promises, we actually get things done for our community."

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