Tory Tax Rises Risk Killing off Small Businesses

Many small businesses in Lewes District face crippling rises in business rates from April this year. Pubs, shops, and many businesses are set to see their rates more than double over the next few years. Business owners report the large tax increases could make their businesses completely unviable.

Cllr Sarah Osborne, Group Leader of the Lib Dems at Lewes District Council, is calling for the "antiquated" system to be overhauled and says,

“This tax on businesses is a fundamentally flawed, regressive tax because it has no link with ability to pay.” 

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Anger as Lib Dem plan to stop Tory neglect is blocked

Conservative Councillors have voted down Lib Dem proposals which would have helped protect care services for both elderly people and children, as well as investing more in tackling potholes and improving local roads.

The Lib Dem opposition tabled plans at East Sussex County Council to reduce the most damaging Conservative cuts, putting millions back into Adult Social Care and Children’s Services. It would also have meant more money to tackle poorly maintained roads and potholes. Finally it would have made sure both towns and villages got a fair deal in funding from the county council.

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Caulfield and Conservatives turn their backs on child refugees

There are unprecendented numbers of people fleeing wartorn countries to settle in mainland Europe and the UK. In April 2016, Parliament supported proposals put forward by Lord Alf Dubbs, himself a refugee to England fleeing Germany during the Second World War. However, on Thursday 9th February Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, announced the scheme to home child refugees was coming to a close with just 350 children taken in by the UK.

The scheme, legislated on in April 2016, called for the UK to rehome 3,000 children, those left without families, or indeed with family members in Britain with whom they could reunite. Despite pressure from constituents in Lewes keen to see these children helped, Conservative MP Maria Caulfield has flipped and flopped over the proposal, first voting against the Amendment, then supporting the bill as amended.

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Parking restrictions in Malling will improve safety but police need to act too

Lewes Liberal Democrats welcome additional parking restrictions along Old Malling Way proposed by East Sussex County Council.

The Council is consulting residents on plans to introduce additional ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ restrictions in the ‘New Malling’ estate. Residents have until January 26 to make their views known to the council.

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Lewes Lib Dems vow to keep Britain in Single Market

Following Prime Minister Theresa May's announcement she would push for Britain to leave the Single Market of the European Union, Lewes Lib Dems have announced their commitment to keeping Britain in.

Theresa May set out twelve objectives for her negotiations with the European Union, including controlling the UK's borders and leaving the Single Market. The Prime Minister argued for the 'greatest possible' access to the free market, but did not provide details or timelines. 

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Ghost buses

Liberal Democrats have branded as "farcical" the situation faced by Plumpton commuters during the rail strike on 11th January. For the first time Southern put on rail replacement buses for the village on an official strike day to go to Haywards Heath - something which has not happened before. But the company failed to tell anyone about them on their strike information page!

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Lib Dem Parliamentary Campaigner said: "Of course we all want to see the situation on Southern Rail resolved and the strikes called off. But it is crazy that if there are replacement buses for Plumpton to Haywards Heath no information about them is put on their website or on the national rail information page".


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Farmers set to suffer from Brexit

The release of a government report today reveals how farmers will be hit badly by any withdrawal from the single market, resulting in significant import and export tariffs.  

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Adult Social Care funding crisis in East Sussex


In a major statement East Sussex Liberal Democrat Councillors have hit hard at the Conservative minority administration of East Sussex County Council.

Liberal Democrats condemn the government for not properly tackling the funding crisis in Adult Social Care. The Conservative government has said that councils can raise their Council Tax by up to 5%, of which 3% can be used to fund Adult Social Care. This is an extra 1% on what the government had planned. It is not known if the Conservative run County Council will levy the extra 1%. The extra 1% will bring in £2.3 million but will not bridge the funding gap, which in East Sussex has been £6 million each year for the last few years. This continued gap in funding will lead to further cuts which come on top of year on year cuts suffered by Adult Social Care in East Sussex.

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Full investigation needed into incident in Newhaven

Residents in Newhaven have been sharing footage on social media of an incident between a man and a police officer, allegedly recorded on the evening of 16th December on Newhaven High Street. 

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Passengers Protest at Southern Rail Chaos

Commuters from Lewes, Seaford and Polegate joined the Association of British Commuters on Thursday 15th December 2016 to protest about ongoing disruption to travel services follow a week of travel chaos hindered by conductor and driver strikes.

The protest started at London Victoria at 5.30pm with more than 200 people joining in the rally, continuing on to the Department for Transport at 6.10pm to deliver a list of demands to the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling.


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