Oli Henman

oli_portrait01.pngLewes Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary Candidate is Oli Henman.

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Oli Henman believes passionately in a fairer, more sustainable society and works collaboratively with community organisations for the benefit of all residents. He has already been fighting for better funding for local schools, as well as for proper investment in policing, health and social care across the constituency. He is a local resident in Lewes, where he lives with his wife and two young boys who attend a local primary school. He is a sitting Town Councillor and is active in a number of local community groups including as a co-founder of Plastic Free Lewes.
He is an environmental and human rights campaigner with twenty years of experience with advocacy for international charities including a series of UN projects, with partners across South America, Africa and Asia. Over the past 3 years he set up a new network called Action for Sustainable Development to provide a space to share key projects and knowledge on climate and rights from around the world. He brings a wealth of experience of shaping policy and building practical solutions to complex challenges for an open, inclusive society.


He has been active with the Lib Dems since the early 2000s. He previously worked for Paul Keetch MP for Hereford (1997-2010) when Paul was a member of the Defence Select Committee and spokesperson against the Iraq War. At the last election, Oli stood as the Parliamentary Candidate for East Worthing & Shoreham.

Contact Oli at: olihenman@leweslibdems.org.uk

To donate to Oli's campaign, go to the Fighting Fund.

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