Oli Henman selected for Lewes Bridge

Oli Henman has been selected as the Liberal Democrat Candidate for Lewes Bridge Ward for the Town Council by-election on December 7. He was a County Council candidate this May and is an experienced campaigner for an open democracy, social justice and environmental sustainability. 



Oli has spent over 15 years volunteering and working with international charities and has a strong track record in community engagement, participation and good governance. He has direct experience of supporting community organisations around the world including in North Africa, Eastern Europe and in South America, on a range of international projects with key aid agencies such as the UN, EU and the UK's Department for International Development. 

He has successfully brought these lessons back home and has been involved in a number of roles to improve accountability and provide fairer access to public services in the UK, including Welfare to Work, rehabilitation and opening up local government budgets. 

He has a collaborative approach and believes in community action, working closely with local residents to find the best solutions. He is married and lives in Lewes with his wife and two young children.

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