Lib Dems slam 'pitiful' funding announcement for East Sussex roads

fullsizeoutput_1fcb_600.jpgLocal Liberal Democrats have described a government announcement of just £250,000 for roads across the whole of East Sussex as 'pitiful'. Residents across the county have been suffering with deteriorating roads in need of urgent repairs while necessary upgrades are shelved due to a lack of funding. Lib Dems want to see major investment in walking and cycling improvements to encourage alternatives to car use.

Cllr James MacCleary, who represents Newhaven and Bishopstone division on the County Council, says: "It isn't even a drop in the pond. For context, it cost a lot more than £250k just to repair half of Newhaven's ring road recently. The idea that this is going to upgrade anything is embarrassing and shows how far out of touch the Conservatives are with the real world in which the rest of us live.

"Maria Caulfield should be joining us by standing up in parliament and demanding better for our area rather than just loyally applauding this pitiful announcement from the sidelines."

CL_Yellow_reverse_1000.jpgCllr Carolyn Lambert, who represents Seaford South, adds: "I am working with James and other local councillors to get real action on safety improvements and congestion on the A259. Any sort of serious improvements will cost millions and that's just one road!

"It is insulting to see our MP once again trying to pretend that this is anything other than an empty gesture that will do absolutely nothing to improve our county's crumbling roads."

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