Lewes District Council says "Stop the Power Grab" on planning

houses_being_built_1000.jpgLewes District Council has voted to lobby our local MPs against the government's proposed changes to our planning system.

Councillor Rob Banks, Plumpton and East Chiltington's Councillor, who moved the motion, told the council: "As someone who really values the role local democracy plays, I remain so angry at these attacks on our planning system. My email in-box has been packed with complaints about the government’s plans.

"These plans reduce or remove the right of residents to comment on applications near them, and represent a “power grab” from local communities and democratically elected councils. Residents and councils alike, from the parish and town level onwards, will find they will not be able to have their say.

"The White Paper will grant automatic rights for developers to build on land identified as ‘for growth’. To my mind, in addition to the democratic deficit, the changes make it more difficult to design in methods to tackle climate change, protect nature and provide more affordable housing.

"And joy of joys we have another algorithm, generated by central government, saying how many houses need to be planned for every year. The Government is currently demanding that parts of Lewes District outside the National Park have to more than double the number of homes built every year to over 800.

"I am pleased the council supported this, but sadly the Conservatives refused to vote for the motion".

Councillor James MacCleary, Lewes District Council leader added: "Over a million homes currently have planning permission across the country but are not yet built, so the current planning system, while not perfect, is not a bar to development. We must stop the power grab by central government and developers, and lobby our MPs to call on the government to support a system that supports local communities needs rather than ignoring them".

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