LibDems call for safe space for cycling and walking during lockdown


Liberal Democrat councillors are calling for safe space to be created for cycling and walking during the lockdown. Many cities across the world have already put in place measures to address the transport implications of the pandemic such as closing roads to motor traffic enabling people to make sure they keep a safe distance.


Cllr Carolyn Lambert says:
“I fully support the need for safe space during the lockdown so that people can get the exercise they need without putting themselves or others at risk. It should be possible to create barriers using existing road traffic cones and so on, just as supermarkets have cordoned off areas of their car parks to allow people to queue safely. I have raised this with the Leader of the County Council and hope that he will feel able to respond positively to this suggestion”.

Councillor Philip Daniel adds:
“It would be really good to put in some measures now to help everyone. If it works successfully, it may be possible to extend this beyond the lockdown period.”



Pictures of the empty streets of Lewes during rush hour courtesy of Tony Parker

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