COP26: We agree with the Pope


"Pontiff calls for ‘rethink on future of our world’ in special message recorded on eve of global summit."


We agree with him. And we have a green recovery plan.


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Summary of the LibDems’ five point green recovery plan.

1 Green Energy Switch: Britain to get 80% of its electricity from green energy by 2030.

2 Green Every Home: Upgrade insulation in all existing homes by 2030 and require all new homes to be eco-friendly.

3 Clean Air for Kids: Safe walking, cycling and public transport routes to school as part of a £20 billion Clean Air Fund.

4 Lib Dem Green Recovery Plan: Transport Revolution - Investing £40 billion in rail, buses, trams and electric vehicles.

5 Save British Countryside: Double the UK's natural environment by cleaning up our waterways, restoring peat bogs and planting trees.

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