Time To Talk Day 2018


The first Thursday in February every year is designated as Time To Talk day, to help end the stigma around mental health and enable people to be more open about the impact that mental ill health has on them. Lewes Liberal Democrats give their steadfast support to this initiative. For far too many people in this country every day is a struggle to get by with their mind and self esteem intact, and we need to do far more to tackle both the causes and the effects of the problem. In government, the LibDems fought hard and successfully for more recognition for mental health in budget priorities. Our minister, Norman Lamb, introduced the Crisis Care Concordat  and argued for parity for mental health services: "we must fight for mental health to get the recognition it needs”.

In this country 1 in 6 people is experiencing a mental health problem in any given week, and 1 in 4 in any year. While some of these will pass, many are extremely serious – suicide, though not an indicator of mental ill health, is strongly associated with it and suicide remains the commonest cause of death in men aged 20 to 49.

So give yourself time, and give other people time, to talk, today.

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