Where Are Bishopstone's Promised Traffic Lights?

james_maccleary02_cropped_1000.jpgLiberal Democrat County Councillors for Seaford and Bishopstone are demanding to know where the traffic lights promised by Maria Caulfield MP have got to. Cllr James MacCleary, County Councillor for Newhaven and Bishopstone explains: “Following two serious accidents which closed the A259, Maria Caulfield promised residents traffic lights which she believes will sort out the issues of these dangerous junctions at Bishopstone.

"During the election campaign, Maria said that she had met with the County Council who had agreed to look at installing traffic lights as a solution. Residents would be consulted but so far nothing has happened.

"We know that the County Council is undertaking studies of traffic on the A259 but it will take years before anything happens and meanwhile residents are having to deal with these dangerous junctions on a daily basis. It is unfair to raise expectations and make promises if these can’t be delivered.”

CL_Beach_huts_600.jpgCouncillor Carolyn Lambert, County Councillor for Seaford South adds: “We are very concerned about the length of time it will take to get any action at all to make the A259 junctions safer, let alone finding the money for the costly investment the County Council seems to be considering.

"Cllr MacCleary and I would like to see some cost-effective interim measures put in place now. These could include putting in a light controlled pedestrian crossing at the main Bishopstone junction which would also help traffic exiting from Bishopstone. We are also calling for a speed camera on the Buckle by-pass to slow traffic down, change driver behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents.”

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