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Get A Grip: Conservative Councillors consider campaign successful despite Parents Protest

East Sussex County Council continues to reject calls from parents and Lib Dems to withdraw a 'condescending and insulting' campaign targeted at increasing child attendance levels, refusing to pause the campaign in spite of protesters present at the Council meeting.  Instead, Conservative Council...

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Climate Change event

Thanks to Professor Tim Palmer for his talk- 'Climate Change: Catastrophe or Hoax?'. A full house to see a great presentation- amazing to see the in-depth digital modelling behind the forecasts. The uncomfortable truth is that there is a high probability that global temperatures will rise by at l...

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Lib Dems call for Plastic Free Lewes

Local Liberal Democrats are calling for a “Plastic Free Lewes”. They are asking for a ban on non-biodegradable coffee cups, a plastic bottle return scheme and the provision of recycling bins for other types of plastic waste. This follows the Budget announcement this week that the Chancellor is lo...

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